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[[OOP344]] - [[OOP344 Student List | Student List]] - [[OOP344 Teams | Teams]] - [[OOP344 Project | Project]] - [[OOP344 IRC Schedules | IRC Schedules]] - [[OOP344 Student Resources | Student Resources]]<br />
== Team Members ==
== Team Members ==

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OOP344 - Student List - Teams - Project - IRC Schedules - Student Resources

Team Members

A Team - Member list
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
Wei Tong wtong1 A Blog wtong1 not yet Contributions Team Contact
Kai Xu kxu9 A Blog kxu9 not yet Contributions Team Contact
Wang Yu ywang268 A Blog ywang268 not yet Contributions
Mo Hsiu-Mei hmo6 A Blog hmo6 not yet Contributions
Zhang Shun Yao syzhang4 A Blog DownWind not yet Contributions
Chen Wen Fang wfchen A Gwen's Blog wfchen not yet Contributions
Wang Liang lwang168 A Blog lwang168 not yet Contributions


Our first IRC meeting on 19:00 - 20:00 Jan 23(Saturday).