2014 Open Source Project Case Study

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This is a list of open source projects, communities, technologies, or companies that you can use as a basis of your case study. The final goal of the case study is a blog post and class presentation, wherein you are asked to discuss the following:

  • What is it? Describe the project/technology.
  • How is it licensed? What can one do with it, to it?
  • Where is the code? Where are the docs? What are the project's main URLs?
  • Who made it? Who is maintaining it? Who are the core community members? Give links to Github, Twitter, etc.
  • Describe the community. How big is it? Where does it exist? What form does it take?
  • What is important to the project/community? What are there processes like?
  • How does the community communicate? Which tools does it favour?
  • Who uses it? How is it used in the wild?
  • How does one get involved?

Students in the DPS909 and OSD600 courses for fall 2014 should pick a project below, and immerse themselves in that community. Be prepared to present on the date specified, and to have your blog post published.


Open Source Project Student Date (Mon or Wed) Blog Link
Redis Gary Deng 09/22/2014 (Monday) https://garydengblog.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/get-to-know-redis-in-10-minutes/
React.js Yasmin Benatti November 12 (Wed) TBD
node.js Linpei Fan October 1, 2014 (Wed) TBD
bower Stanley Moote October 8th 2014 https://http://brockmoote.wordpress.com/
browserify Kieran Sedgwick September 17th, 2014 (Wed) To be posted
Express TBD TBD
Grunt Gideon Thomas Movember 3, 2014 (Monday) TBD
JSHint Frank Panico November 24,2014 i'll put soon
lodash, underscore Elliot Kwan November 3rd, 2014 (Monday) http://elliottheguy.wordpress.com
Firefox OS Glaser King San Lo November 17, 2014 (Mon) TBD
MongoDB Fadi Tawfig Nov. 19 (WED) http://fadiprogramming.wordpress.com
Socket.io Ryan Dang 15/09/2014 https://ryandangdeveloper.wordpress.com
AngularJS Habib Zahoori Oct 27,2014 TBD
Less.js Jordan Theriault Nov 10 (Monday) http://jordantheriault.com/blog
Polymer Andrew Li Oct 15 (Wednesday) http://liandrew.ca/opensource/2014/10/15/open-source-case-study-polymer.html
Brackets Shuming Lin Oct 29,2014 TBD
PhoneGap Rafid Daoud Nov 12 2014 (Wed) TBD
Bootstrap Ava Dacayo November 5, 2014 TBD
Atom Yoav Gurevich 09/15/2014 http://acadosdev.blogspot.ca/
Android Andrei Artamonov 10/12/14 http://aartamonov.wordpress.ca/
git Tai Nguyen October 31, 2014 http://tylermeetsworld.wordpress.com
Chromium James Laverty September 29th, 2014 (Monday) http://jlaverty.blogspot.ca
SpiderMonkey Jeremy Millar Sept 24 http://openmillar.wordpress.com
RequireJS ' ' TBD
SQLite Sanghyun Lee Oct. 20th, 2014 TBD