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Team Members

  1. Ryan Wang, Responsibility TBA
  2. Aravinthan Vathsalan, Responsibility TBA
  3. Geoffrey Mok, Responsibility TBA
  4. Steve Borges, Responsibility TBA
  5. Corey Angus, Responsibility TBA

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Map of the World of the Game

Moderator's - Instructors Comments

Any other thing you find necessary

Game Concept Proposal - Puzzle Game

This is just a personal suggestion that I have. - Ryan

Click here to watch sample game-play

Game Concept Proposal - Action RPG

This is also just a quick idea. - Corey

  1. Overview -
    1. A simple action rpg. The goal is explore an area(dungeon, cave, ect) that contains increasingly more powerful foes to defeat the deeper in you go.
  2. Main Game Elements -
    1. The player gains experience points after defeating an enemy. They can then spend these points in a trait of their choosing (strength, defense, speed).
    2. The Battle system remains simple. The goal is to attack when the enemy is not blocking, and to block when the enemy is about to attack.
    3. Enemies drop items that can be equiped or used to increase the player's stats
  3. Potentia Game Elements - Depending on time and how the project is going some elements can be improved
    1. A parry system can be included for combat
    2. A high, low attack system can be included for combat to add more depth
    3. Several types of enemies with different combat AI/routines
    4. The ability to sell items you've found and purchase new ones (a currency system)
    5. An over world to connect a series of levels/dungeons together instead of one linear level.
  4. Advantages-
    1. The proposal focuses on game play design. It leaves the art style, setting, and characters open for any ideas. For instance an oldschool fantasy setting with caves and monsters, or a distant future setting.
    2. The basic stat based game is relativly simple to program, logic wise.

Game Concept Proposal - RTS

I propose a simplified version of a Real time strategy (RTS) - gmok

  1. Examples:
    1. Age of Empires
    2. Age of Mythology
    3. Command & Conquer
    4. Empire Earth
    5. Starcraft II
    6. Total War
  1. Possible Features:
    1. Advancements in ages
      1. Phase of gameplay advances when player gathers required resources to advance.
      2. Each phase allows for a new selection of units, buildings and upgrades to be created
    2. Resource gathering
      1. Players are limited in resources and must gather them in order create units, buildings and research upgrades
      2. Example of resources - food, wood, stone, gold, iron, mineral, vespene, favor
      3. Resource gathering may not be required by implementing a system of continuous income
    3. Races/Civilization
      1. Depending on the player's selection, they will gain access to different units
    4. Units
      1. Players create units from buildings
      2. Units have different stats such as health, armor, damage
    5. Buildings
      1. Buildings allow players to create units or research upgrades
    6. Heroes
      1. A superior unit that has higher stats than regular units
      2. May have access to special abilities
    7. Special Abilities
      1. Each player gains access to a limited arsenal of powerful effects determined by their race/civilization
      2. Examples - Lightning, Meteor Storm, Earthquake
    8. AI
      1. The computer substitute for a human player