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===Team 6===
===Team 6===
[http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Teams_Winter_2011/team6 Team wiki]<br />
Arvelaez, E<br/>
Arvelaez, E<br/>
Evangelista, J<br/>
Evangelista, J<br/>

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Project Presentation Monday April 11, 2011

Approximately 8 min for each team.

TimeTeamTeam Members
10:02-10:10 Team 1Anastasia, Minoo, Ladan, Sergiu
10:14-10:22Team 2Ali Samimi, Moses Ogundipe, Steve Borges, Thupten Choephel
10:26-10:34Team 7Archana Sahota, Ari Azar, Danny Lachhman, Kenneth Pangilinan
10:38-10:46Team 8Ching Wei Tseng, Denise Rigato, Mikesh Mistry

SVN account support: contact Thupten at tchoephel@learn.senecac.on.ca

SVN Information

where # -> your team number

For team 1


Team 1

Team wiki
Ecob, S
Semionova, A
Zahirolesla, L
Ziaei, M

Team 2

Team wiki
Borges, S
Choephel, T
Ogundipe, M
Samimi, A

Team 3

Chen, J
Chen, W
Ellis, S
Liu, J

Team 4

Team wiki
Desautels, C
Sawka, A
Seifried, D
Zhang, J

Team 5

Bhatnagar, A
Bhatnagar, A
Cheung, T
Gomes, C

Team 6

Team wiki
Arvelaez, E
Evangelista, J
Lam, M

Team 7

Team wiki
Azar, A
Lachhman, S
Pangilinan, K
Sahota, A

Team 8

Team wiki
Lo, D (Dropped)
Mistry, M
Rigato, D
Tseng, C

Team 9

Team Wiki
Jung, S
Manzano, J
Marbella, E