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'''Learn:''' pplam3@learn.senecac.on.ca
'''Learn:''' pplam3@learn.senecac.on.ca
'''Project Blog:''' http://pplam3.blogspot.com/
'''IRC:''' PatPat/Patrick_PC_Lam
'''IRC:''' PatPat/Patrick_PC_Lam
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== Projects ==
== Projects ==
=== On Going ===
=== On Going ===
[[Canvas3D_JS_Library | Canvas3D JS Library]] - [[C3DL_Collision_Detection | C3DL Collision Detection]]
*[[Canvas3D_JS_Library | Canvas3D JS Library]] - [[C3DL_Collision_Detection | C3DL Collision Detection]]
**Blog: http://www.c3dl.org/index.php/development-news/
=== Completed ===
=== Completed ===
[[Canvas3D_JS_Library | Canvas3D JS Library]] - [[Canvas3D_Picking | Canvas3D Picking]]
*[[Canvas3D_JS_Library | Canvas3D JS Library]] - [[Canvas3D_Picking | Canvas3D Picking]]
**Blog: http://pplam3.blogspot.com/
=== Stopped ===
=== Stopped ===
[[Profile the build system | Profile the Mozilla build]]
*[[Profile the build system | Profile the Mozilla build]]
== Contributed Project ==
== Contributed Project ==

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My name is Patrick. I'm a student of the CPAC program at Seneca College, graduating April 2009. My main focuses in the program was Software Development and Java Internet Development. I have previously attended McMaster University and taken courses in Math (Algebra and Calculus), Physics, and Computer Programming (C/C++/Java Programming, Data Structure and Algorithm, and Logic).

Contact Email: patrick.pc.lam@gmail.com

Learn: pplam3@learn.senecac.on.ca

IRC: PatPat/Patrick_PC_Lam


On Going



Contributed Project

• Created a simple script to test window resize for Tony Lai : Add_an_Infobar_style_warning_for_window_resize/move

• Build Mozilla from scratch with and without Gold Linker for David and Ted

• Build Time and Process logs for Profile the Mozilla build

• Got screen caps and html of UofT's Internet authentication page for Jason Tarka

• Checked extension for Chinmay Patel

• Helped test Scott's 0.3 Make_Ubiquity_Work_In_Thunderbird

Work/Projects Involved

Flex: Merchant Client on http://www.macuhealth.com/

Flash: http://makefacetime.dentyne.ca/home.fxml

Work Experiences

Innovasium: Flash and Flex Developer

• AS 2&3, Flex (Cairngorm), ColdFusion, Joomla, CSS

CIBC: Developer



Programming Languages • C/C++/C#, xHTML, Java Script, Perl, XML, XSLT, XSL, AS 2&3, Flex, ASP .NET

Database • MS Access, Oracle 10g, ColdFusion, MySQL

Computer Applications • Adobe Flash 8, CS3, DreamWeaver, Illustrator & Photoshop [General design knowledge], Altova XMLSpy 2008, WinCvs, WinSCP, SOAtest 5.1.1, MQ Visual Edit, MKS Integrity Manager, MS Office Suite, MS Netmeeting, Visual dBase, Websphere, MS SourceSafe

OSD 600 Labs

• [Blog - Building A Large Open Source Project]

• [Blog - Ubiquity]

Mozilla Build Lab

• [Thunderbird Bug] posted on Bugzilla with Thunderbird Fix reviewed by Jason Tarka

Mozilla Tab Patch Lab - patch.zip file

Mozilla Extension Lab - addtabbeside.xpi file

XPCOM Component Lab zip file - Jason Tarka helped

Chrome Lab