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(Project Details)
(Project Details)
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== Project Details ==
== Project Details ==
'''01/21/2008''' -
* Added new menu option on browser.xul (menuitem) called "Allow Once"
** Calls gWindowObserver's allowOnce() function when selected
** Added new dtd localization text in browser.dtd for the new menuitem
'''01/20/2008''' -
'''01/20/2008''' -
* Split FireWindowResizedEvent() into two functions:  
* Split FireWindowResizedEvent() into two functions:  

Revision as of 10:19, 21 January 2009

Name of Project

Add an Infobar style warning for window resize/move
New Bug Info: here
Bug Info: here


Many (poorly behaved) web sites attempt to move and/or resize your browser window. It is possible to stop this behaviour (cf. dom.disable_window_move_resize) but it would be nice to have an infobar that informed the user that a web page attempted to move/resize the window, and allow it or ignore it (default). This behaviour is similar to the current Pop-up Blocker already present in Firefox. NOTE: it is not clear whether such a feature would be accepted in the tree or if this would need to be done as an extension.


Version 0.3: Media:InfobarPatch0.3.zip

This patch was made with Mercurial!
Use patch -p1 < InfobarPatch0.3.txt
Release 3 Notes:

  • Infobar is no longer displayed all the time
  • A new preference window now to replace Advanced Javascript settings in the infobar
  • Windows Move / Window Resized has two different labels, it paves the ground for when the new event arrives (Which I will work on even after this course is over)
  • The preference can be turned off in about:config but I did not add it to Javascript settings
  • All code tabs have been removed, replaced with spaces
  • A new property, resizeReport was implemented so that the infobar does not interfere with pageReport
  • A new event for move events was created
  • New functions for browser.js, most of the functions were rewritten to remove crap which wasn't needed after some changes
  • Most of the properties have been moved to the dtd localization files
  • Browser-sets.inc 's broadcasters have been removed.
  • Menuitem labels are not defined in the xul file anymore, they have been defined in browser.dtd
  • A new option: Disableinfobar added to the menu. At the moment it toggles (between disable, and turn on), it will be changed in the future
  • An area to add urls to, which should theoretically bypass the javascript property check if a site is added (to be implemented). At the moment, the interface is there, but lacks functionality.

Version 0.2 Fixed: Media:InfobarPatch0.2.zip

This patch was made with Mercurial!
Look below to see how to patch this.

  • Note: This patch is the same as 0.2, with changes as reviewed by Gavin Sharp in bug 459614.

Version 0.2: Media:InfobarPatch0_2.zip

This patch was made with Mercurial!
Use patch -p1 < InfobarPatch0_2.txt
Release 2 notes:
Now your javascript settings do not need to disable move/resize window for the infobar to pop up. The infobar's options are working normally. Allow will turn on move/resize window, where as Disable will turn it off. Edit Options will display the Advanced Javascript options directly.

Version 0.1: Media:InfobarPatch.zip

This patch was made with Mercurial!
Use patch -p1 < InfobarPatch.txt
Release 1 notes:
Whenever a site attempts to resize your window, if and only if your javascript settings is set to disable javascripts from resizing your window would an infobar pop up. The allow / edit options does not work here, but an infobar IS displayed when a site attempts to move/resize your window.
Make sure in options->javascript options->allow move/resize is disabled


Project Contributor(s)

  • David Humphrey (Seriously!)
  • Patrick Lam (Wrote resize html, FIRST patch tester)
  • Irina Sh. (Told me about resizeBy() and moveBy())
  • Jason Tarka (Thanks for testing my patch)
  • Scott Lunel (Yes, I know the Infobar was annoying =P)

Project Details

01/21/2008 -

  • Added new menu option on browser.xul (menuitem) called "Allow Once"
    • Calls gWindowObserver's allowOnce() function when selected
    • Added new dtd localization text in browser.dtd for the new menuitem

01/20/2008 -

  • Split FireWindowResizedEvent() into two functions:
    • FireWindowMovedEvent() and FireWindowResizedEvent()
  • Fixed a linker error where the declarations were different from definitions
  • Removed parameter "isMoveBy" from FireWindowResizedEvent()
  • Updated browser.xml
  • OnWindowResized and OnWindowMoved updated to contain an object details, containing details of the command sent.

01/19/2008 -

  • nsDOMWindowMoveEvent.cpp and nsDOMWindowResizeEvent.cpp compiles!!!!!
  • nsGUIEvent.h's classes added public to all members of nsWindowMoveEvent and nsWindowResizeEvent
  • creation function's error changed
  • Now to test if these events can be captured!
  • Added two includes to nsGlobalWindow.cpp: #include "nsDOMWindowMoveEvent.h" and "nsDOMWindowResizeEvent.h"
  • Changed FireWindowResizeEvent to use the the new events

01/18/2008 -

  • Work resumes.
  • First event to be created will be WindowMove
  • Two files added to makefile.in in Content/events
  • in content/events/public/nsIPrivateDOM.h, two lines added:
  • IMPORTANT nsGUIEvent.h is where to define an actual ns"EventName"Event class.
    • Added a class definition for nsWindowResizeEvent and nsWindowMoveEvent
    • Move event is 36, resize event is 37. (NS_WINDOWMOVE_EVENT, NS_WINDOWRESIZE_EVENT)
  • Also give it a structtype. The prototypes can be found in the same file.
  • nsDOMEvent.cpp should have a reference to it as well. Check file.

12/05/2008 -

  • Patch 0.3 released, work continues though.

12/05/2008 -

  • Attempting to add an event to 0.3... seeing how this works out:
  • Event name will be WindowMove/WindowResize Event, therefore... nsWindowMove/WindowResizeEvent, and the interface to it will be nsIWindowMove/WindowResizeEvent
    • Line 1294 in nsDOMClassInfo.cpp added the definition class info
    • Line 3537 in nsDOMClassInfo.cpp added map definition
    • Line 671 in nsEventDispatcher.cpp added createEvent if statement... move code in later releases
    • Two new files: both in dom/public/idl/events/
      • nsIDOMWindowMoveEvent.idl
      • nsIDOMWindowResizeEvent.idl
    • Makefile in dom/public/idl/events added the above files
  • Created four implementation files
    • nsDOMWindowMoveEvent.h / nsDOMWindowMoveEvent.cpp
    • nsDOMWindowResizeEvent.h / nsDOMWindowResizeEvent.cpp

12/03/2008 -

  • IMPORTANT: Where everything is located on this patch is here! Link to Blog
  • Changed FireWindowResizedEvent to contain a new parameter: PRBool isMove
    • If isMove is true, it fires a DOMWindowMoved event rather than Resized so that the infobar will know the difference.
    • As a result, several changes also need to be made to browser.xml and browser.js, as well as their localization files
  • Browser.xml added a new eventlistener for DOMWindowMoved
    • new method: onWindowMoved
    • new parameter added to siteResizedWindow: isMove
    • new event dispatched: DOMSiteMovedWindow
  • Browser.js adds a new eventlistener for DOMSiteMovedWindow
    • new function in gResizedWindowObserver: onWindowMove
    • changed onWindowResized and onWindowMoved to call a new function: prepareInfobar
  • Browser.properties with new text for moving

11/30/2008 -

  • Adding a new preference window / DTD file for the preferences window:
    • Modified two jar.nm files, one for xul and one for dtd. The new preferences window is called resizeWindow.xul
    • It contains an area to add sites that would bypass the "resizing" block. Not implemented yet. Probably won't be for 0.3
    • I need a way to add this to advanced-javascript without it looking weird. Any ideas would be nice, on where to add it =)
  • Added a preference to disable the infobar.
  • Added a new option upon infobar displayed to disable the infobar
  • Removed broadcasters for menu items, added oncommand directly to the menuitems themselves
  • Removed a ton of code from browser.js that was really just extra uneeded and bulky code. Wow!

11/29/2008 -

  • Altered removeCurrentNotification() to removeNotification(notification) where notification = a notification returned by value.
    This is to prevent any possibilities of removing the wrong notification.
  • browser.js' windowResizedObserver changed to not alter labels (as labels are now defined in XUL)
  • All menuitems have their labels/accesskeys added to DTD
  • Access keys added to DTD file (from Browser-sets.inc) DTD file name: browser.dtd
  • Changed the notification to occur only if javascript resize is disabled
  • Removed all Tabs and replaced it with spaces
  • Added new property, to try and divert the possibility of collision with pageReport. (resizeReport)
  • Removed a LOT of unwanted code (based on review by Gavin)

11/24/2008 -

  • New bug to follow: here

11/11/2008 -

  • Edit Options now opens Advanced Javascript settings window right away.
  • The infobar is displayed whether Move/Resize option is enabled or disabled
  • The infobar also has its text rewritten, and has an allow / disable option
  • Allow will turn Move/Resize option on
  • Disable will do the other
  • Depending on whether the setting is on/off, Allow or Disable will show. The other will be hidden
  • Now I will look into making an event that accepts the type of resizing done, and allow the user to select whether or not they want it to be resized or not.
  • This might require a custom event.

11/09/2008 -

  • Blog has been updated with 0.2 release plans, as well as Project Plans section below.
  • Changed text of options displayed when window resized

11/04/2008 -

  • Scott Lunel has helped me with making my code into an extension rather than the tree. Thank you!

10/15/2008 -

  • FireWindowResizedEvent(nsIDOMDocument *aDoc);

in nsGlobalWindow.cpp is coded. Tested and it works. I also fixed browser.js so that the notification occurs only once.

Javascript resizeTo and moveTo is also called resizeTo and moveTo in nsGlobalWindow.cpp, therefore I put the event where user blocks it.

  • Later I will call the event always, and depending on whether it was blocked or not, will give the option to unblock/allow resize.

10/13/2008 -

  • browser.js is complete, browser.xml should be complete. All that's left now is to know where to put the Fire event in cpp so that browser.xml receives the event call.

10/12/2008 -

Also remember there is a destroy event to remove the same eventListener

  • Then I can go into nsGlobalWindow.cpp and code the FireResizedEvent...

10/05/2008 -

  • nsEventDispatcher's nsEventDispatcher::DispatchDOMEvent() function needs to recognize our event, DOMWindowResized.
  • A similar idl file to define a DOMWindowResized event /dom/public/idl/events/nsIDOMPopupBlockedEvent.idl

10/01/2008 -

Okay, I believe here are the steps i need to do before I start coding an observer. One: I need to code a function to send an event call from C++ from | nsGlobalWindow much like the link shows.
This event will probably be named something like "DOMWindowResized".
In other words the following function is required:


Similar to the pop-up blocked, it will fire an event which will be caught by the window object. In order to hook that event up though, I will need this line:

gBrowser.addEventListener("DOMWindowResized", gResizedWindowObserver.onWindowResized, false);

Then code gResizedWindowObserver to contain onWindowResized() which will initiate a notification window, along with all its required texts and menu options.

Now I need to know how to get the menu items to run a function to open preferences. But for release 0.1, I think the above should suffice.

09/28/2008 -

  • Correction to below... browser.xul is the user interface. It runs functions found in the browser.js file, which then grabs strings from the bundle_browser object in order to display the lines of text.

09/24/2008 -

  • I've found the place where infobar text is displayed, and how it is displayed.
    The text can actually be found in a file "\src\browser\base\content\browser.xul". This is what I will use to define a new set of text for a resize event.

    In the meantime I am still looking for a way to cause the resize event to display an infobar
  • bundle_browser is accessible within the browser object. It contains all the strings from browser.properties.
  • by utilizing bundle_browser.GetString("NameofString") you can retrieve the string stored
  • inside browser.properties, a %S signifies the browser name.

09/22/2008 -

  • It is possible to trigger the event simply by writing code that resizes the window (using SetPositionAndSize I believe?)

09/21/2008 -

  • Found two files which might have something to do with this:


I don't know how useful these files are yet.

  • \widget\public\nsGUIEvent.h contains details on the windows_resize event
  • The name of the event dealt with is called: nsSizeEvent, a class inherited from nsGUIEvent. A base event.

Project News / Updates

01/13/2009 -

  • 700 Begins here!

11/29/2008 -

  • Version 0.2 Fixed released

11/11/2008 -

  • Version 0.2 released

10/17/2008 -

  • Version 0.1 released

10/16/2008 -

  • Release 0.1a for testing is available

10/12/2008 -

  • Self Notes: Note these lines of code should be removed: 3137, 359, nsGlobalWindow

10/01/2008 -

  • Fresh Month, Fresh Updates, and more! Fresh plan!

09/29/2008 -

  • Bad news? Looks like I'll need to familiarize myself with the XPCOM API Reference if I want to be able to call Javascript code from the nsWindow.cpp..

09/21/2008 -

09/18/2008 -

  • Starting a Project Plan. Great idea Dave!

09/14/2008 -

  • Created Project page for this project. Its a good reason to keep yourself up to date on the weekly schedule!

Project Plans

01/13/2008 - OSD700'

  • Beginning OSD700, time to get started again
  • For 0.4 release, main focus is the events.
  • The events will probably take me all the way to 0.4, due to its large amount of coding

11/09/2008 - What to expect for 0.2 release?

  • I'll need the allow / edit options to work.
  • Also, the infobar must be displayed even if the setting for javascript moving/resizing is enabled.
  • Although its rarely un-noticeable, even if its a slight move it would be nice to show that the website HAS actually moved it.
  • Therefore, the infobar needs two specific outcomes. Whether you have it enabled, or disabled, and what menu items will be displayed as a result. This also means the option will be "Allow" or "Disable" depending on what the current settings are.
  • The allow function should also allow the current website to do its resizing, meaning it needs to refresh the page's resize and actually resize the window (whether it'd be just this time, or always)
  • Would be wonderful to have an option that instantly opens the javascript options window too.

09/25/2008 - What to expect for 0.1 release?

  • I hope to have a working infobar that displays whenever a site tries to resize the current window. Hopefully I'll have an allow option available. For future releases I will need to allow users to add sites to an exception list, and a way to set it to allow by default.

09/21/2008 -

  • Now that I know the name of the event, I need to find a way to cause it to trigger an infobar.
    But that's not all. These are probably the things I expect will need to be covered (from my viewpoint)
  • Changes to the infobar to accomodate this
  • An option to enable/disable the infobar from popping up in browser config (users know it as about:config)
  • Would be nice to know what else I'd need. Anyone with information please let me know
  • Reading Documentation on Mozilla's developer site. There's a lot to read: here

09/18/2008 -

  • First step would be to see how infobars work in Mozilla. I need to see what triggers one, how they are displayed as well as how they can be used. If they can alter the content on a page, that would be an interesting find also.
  • Would be a good idea to also look up what event handlers there are.

Links to keep

Set Inner Width function
Can Move Resize Windows function
Call to FirePopupBlockedEvent()
The place to add eventlisteners


Related Bugs

Bug 421172: Infobar for Offline Storage only displayed on page reload - Something to do with the infobar
Bug 186708: don't allow web sites to resize windows with toolbars (by default) - Looks kinda dead