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(Club Moz Promotional Booth)
(Club Moz Promotional Booth)
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*'''Wednesday: 1:30 - whenever '''
*'''Wednesday: 1:30 - whenever '''
*'''Thursday: '''
*'''Thursday: '''
**'''9:50 - 11:40'''
**'''9:50 - 11:40'''

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To help students get involved in the Mozilla community through its future endeavors in development, testing, support and hacking

This club is open to technical and also non-technical people. If you don't know anything about open source or Mozilla, don't worry, we're here to help you get involved and we promise a good time :)


President: Tom Aratyn (mystic)

Vice President: Tiago Moreira (Tiago)

Financial Officer: Liz Chak (elichak)

Events Coordinator: Philip Vitorino (philly)

Promotions Coordinator: Vanessa Miranda (vanessa)

Faculty Advisor: Dave Humphrey (dave or humph)

Email: clubmoz@gmail.com


Want to work on some cool stuff? There are some cool projects waiting for you..

  • Data mining of Hendrix data for creating reports of user feedback
    • To better understand major issues being reported and converting them into new bugs or finding and updating existing ones
  • Litmus Extension
    • We wanted to have an extension that would be able to serve users testcases to try and allow them to submit results to http://litmus.mozilla.org. We could expand the feature set of the extension to do a lot of other cool things with Bugzilla and Website Reporter integration... so we need some ideas there.
    • If you're interested, you could collaborate with David Hamp-Gonsalves to work on this together.
  • We are getting ready to ship Firefox and

Test Days


  • Super Fun Hack Days are moved to T3073

  • Firefox 2 is offically released!! - Oct 24 2006


One of the most fun aspects of Club Moz is the fact that we run events (like Super Fun Hack Day)! Come by and get involved!

Due to some unfortunate events we have had to develop a policy regarding our event policy. By attending you accept the policy.

For a complete list of upcoming Club Moz events, check out our calendar!

Super Fun Hack Day

Event Agenda

February 8

February 1 - Calendar Test Day. Details Here

Event Details

Super Fun Hack Day every Thursday

  • Open to all students no matter your technical background or level.
  • Bring your energy and interest and we will help turn that into new abilities and new friends.
  • Come by T3073 on the third floor of the TEL building.
  • Food and Drinks will be provided after the event. We expect to be starting at around 3:20 pm going until... :)

Super Fun Hack Day Stuff

Issues With Hack day

Club Moz planning meetings

  • Open to members of the club - everyone's voice matters
  • Date/Time: TBA
  • Location: T2091 - Linux Club

Club Moz Promotional Booth

Please feel free to alter this schedule to reflect the actual times you will be available for the booth. If you can't make it during these times, you may remove your name:

  • Monday: 11:40 - 1:30
    • Tom
    • Tiago
    • Mike O
    • Vanessa
    • Liz (11:40 - 12:40)
  • Tuesday: 1:30 - whenever
    • Vanessa
    • Mike O
    • Tom
  • Wednesday: 1:30 - whenever
    • Vanessa
    • Dave
  • Thursday:
    • 9:50 - 11:40
      • Tiago
    • 11:40 - 1:30
      • Mike O
      • Tom
      • Vanessa
      • Moe
  • Friday: 11:40 - 1:30
    • Tiago
    • Mike O
    • Tom

Meeting Minutes



List of members still in progress

Add your name here if you would like to be a member of Club Moz :)