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(OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2013)
(OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2013)
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|[[User:Eric Andrew Dallo|Eric]]||Dallo||[[TPN|TN]]||B||[mailto:eadallo@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 eadallo]||[[Special:Contributions/Eric Andrew Dallo|Eric Andrew Dallo]]||eadallo||eadallo|| [http://eadallo.blogspot.ca Eric's Blog]
|[[User:Eric Andrew Dallo|Eric]]||Dallo||[[TPN|TN]]||B||[mailto:eadallo@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 eadallo]||[[Special:Contributions/Eric Andrew Dallo|Eric Andrew Dallo]]||eadallo||eadallo|| [http://eadallo.blogspot.ca Eric's Blog]
|[[User:Hamza Tahir|Hamza]]||Tahir||[[TPN|TN]]||A||[mailto:LID@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 htahir1]||[[Special:Contributions/Hamza tahir|Hamza Tahir]]||hamza-||hamza-tahir|| [http://BURL BN]
|[[User:Bernard Parungao Casenas|Bernard]]||Casenas||[[TPN|TN]]||A||[mailto:bpcasenas@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 bpcasenas]||[[Special:Contributions/Bernard Parungao Casenas|Bernard Parungao Casenas]]||Wataa||bpcasenas|| [http://bpcasenas.blogspot.ca/ Bernard's Blog]
|[[User:Bernard Parungao Casenas|Bernard]]||Casenas||[[TPN|TN]]||A||[mailto:bpcasenas@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 bpcasenas]||[[Special:Contributions/Bernard Parungao Casenas|Bernard Parungao Casenas]]||Wataa||bpcasenas|| [http://bpcasenas.blogspot.ca/ Bernard's Blog]

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OOP344 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Teams | Project | Student Resources

OOP344 Student List for Fall of 2013

Make sure you have the following done before you add your name here:

  • You have a registered name for IRC; irc.freenode.net server.
  • You have a blog for OOP344 either by filtering your posts or a dedicated blog.

Please add your information to the student list table below by adding the following row to the table (if you are a student in oop344, fall of 2013).

|[[User:WUN|FN]]||LN||[[TPN|TN]]||SEC||[mailto:LID@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 LID]||[[Special:Contributions/WUN|WUN]]||IN||GH|| [http://BURL BN]

Replace the following with your own information when adding the row to the table:

  • WUN:Your Wiki User name
  • FN: Your First Name
  • LN: Your Last Name
  • TPN: Your Team Page Name on wiki (Your team page is already created, please see Teams' List 20133 - OOP344)
  • TN: Your Team name
  • SEC: Your OOP344 Section (example: A, B or C)
  • LID: Your seneca email ID (learn id)
  • IN: Your IRC Registered Nickname
  • GH: Your GitHub ID
  • BURL:Your Blog URL
  • BN:Your Blog Title

Do Not add your row unless you have all the above information (except the team information).

If your information is not added to the following line, your work and assignments will not be marked.

OOP344 - Fall of 2013 student list
First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Nicolas Ramkay Team L B nramkay Nicolas Ramkay Yakmar Yakmar Object Oriented Programming
Jorge Valbuena Team V C jevalbuenasanchez Jorge Ernesto Valbuena Sanchez JV17 JV17 Seneca College -Class OOP344 Blog
Kirill Lepetinskiy ?? C klepetinskiy Kirill Lepetinskiy Protoster Protoster Ramblings and ravings of a programming student
Daniel Dvorkin ? C dldvorkin@myseneca.ca Daniel Dvorkin dldvorkin dldvorkin
Puneet Thakur ? C pthakur1@myseneca.ca Puneet Thakur pthakur1 pthakur1 OOP344BLog
Adam Sharpe ?? B ansharpe Adam Sharpe  ? adam-sharpe Object Oriented Programming Stuff
yuzhi xing UGO A yxing5@myseneca.ca Yuzhi Xing michaelxing michaelxing [1]

Davson Wandja N/A B dwandja@myseneca.ca Davson Wandja DV_W dwandja C++ object oriented programming language
Shehzin Arshad N/A A sarshad5 Shehzin shahzyn shahzyn tinker
Brad Clement ?? C bclement1@myseneca.ca Brad Clement bclement bradc14 Brad's Blog
Shane Narciso ?? C sanarciso@myseneca.ca Shane Alexander Narciso sanarciso ThatDude22 OOP344 Blog
Dmitry Romanenko ?? A dromanenko Dmitry Romanenko dimon222 dimon222 Dmitry's blog
Dmitry Yastremskiy TN B dyastremskiy@myseneca.ca Dmitry Yastremskiy Hamabama Hamabama Hamabama's world
Jungmin Ji ?? A jjungmin@myseneca.ca Jungmin Ji mistysnake jungmin-github Breeze
Jingwei Sun YorkBusters C jsun72 Jingwei Sun John_Titor Parthas-Menethil ParBlog
Haysean Maharajah ?? B hmaharajah Haysean Maharajah codegenetix codegenetix Haysean's Blog
Gabriel Castro ?? C gcastrolondono@myseneca.ca Gabriel Castro Londono GzFighter GzFighter Gabriel's Blog
Shao Hua Liu YorkBusters C shliu2 Shao Hua Liu Catshl shliu2 Shao's Blog
Wei Xia YorkBusters C wxia11 Wei Xia wei111 wxia11 Wei's Blog
Benson Wong ?? B bwong53 Benson Wong wongbsn wongbsn Benson's Blog
Weida Wang SiGui C wwang144 Weida Wang aishuishui wwang144 wwang144
Dave Dooney ?? C ddooney David Dooney bakoomerang bakoomerang Dave's Blog
Joanna Madden ?? C jmadden Joanna Madden jmadden jcsmadden Talk Nerdy To Me: An Adult's Guide To Back To School
Gilbert Quach ?? B gquach Gilbert Quach GilbertQuach QuachGilbert Gilbert's Blog
Jie Wen Wu SiGui C jwwu4 Wu Jie Wen jwwu4 winglesswu Winglesswu's Blog
Xu Liu SiGui C xliu171 Eric506 eric506 eric506 eric506 | Blog for OOP344
Gyeongmin Jung TN A gjung1 Gyeongmin Jung lulu1 gjung1 HELLO WORLD!
Jonathan Hivon ? B jhivon Jonathan Hivon OoBb johivon Jo's Blog
Dima Rudeshko ?? C drudeshko@myseneca.ca Dmytro Rudeshko sQuaDx rudeshko Dima Rudeshko's Blog
Thana Annis Team J C tannis Thana Annis Bwaffles Bwaffles1 OOP344
Kamleshkumar Korat ?? C kjkorat Kamleshkumar Jayantibhai Korat Maverick344 kamleshkorat Kamlesh Korat's Blog
Kashyap Patel ?? C kbpatel13 Kashyap Babubhai Patel H3ll0W0rld H3ll0W0rld Kashyap Patel's Blog
Justin Chow ?? C jachow1 Justin Chow kickpuncher kickpuncher Justin's Blog
Jesse Conner ?? B jgconner Jesse Conner m_i_rite mirite Jesse's Blog
Mohammad-Reza Akbari Team A A makbari11 Mohammad-Reza Akbari reza_akbari mohammad-reza-akbari Reza's Blog
Ruojia Chen UGO B rchen50 Ruojia Chen avoin avoin Ruojia's Blog
Saulius Grybas ??? A sgrybas Saulius Grybas Sgrybas sauliusgrybas Saulius's Blog
Kathleen Leong ?? B kleong3 Kathleen Leong katieleong katieleong Kathleen's Blog
Lorin Varvarici ?? C lvarvarici Lorin Varvarici Northborne Northborne Lorin's Blog
Fabrizio Tomassi ?? C ftomassi Fabrizio Tomassi fabj2 fabj2 Fabrizio's Blog
Santiago Nieto ?? C sanietogarzon Santiago Andres Nieto Garzon sanietogarzon sanietogarzon Santi's Blog
Yan Song UGO A ysong55 Yan Song puerile ysong55 Sophomoric OOP344ing
Zhenyang Chen ?? A zchen91 Zhenyang Chen crans crans Leash
Alvaro Lemus ?? C alemus4 Alvaro Lemus Kyno alemus4 Kyno's Blog
Arlene Lee n/a C alee110 Arlene Lee Zephyr135 Zephyr135 KakuKaku
Bushra Mohamed ?? B bomohamed Bushra Omer Mohamed BushiM BushraM Bushra's Blog
Len Isac Team J B lkisac Leonard Kei Isac lkisac lkisac Len's Blog
Neilson Ho N/A B nho6 Neilson Ho NeilsonH NeilsonHo Neilson's Blog
Jaemin Yeo Team A A jyeo Jaemin Yeo Jaemin jaemyeo Jaemin's OOP344 Blog
Raguraam Sivanandha n/a B rsivanandha Raguraam Sivanandha Ragu ragu-S Ragu's Blog
Shreyas Patel ?? B spatel221 Shreyas Patel Dean_Winchester shreyaspatel OO Programming
Andrew Daniele Team S B adaniele1@myseneca.ca Andrew Daniele adaniele87 adaniele87 Andrew's Blog
Fadi Tawfig Team J B fatawfig Fadi Atif Tawfig Frodi Ftawfig Fadi's Programming Blog
Sehui Park Team J B spark86 Sehui Park spark86 idpokute mikesayhi Blog
Deval Patel ?? B drpatel17 Deval Patel Mario1005 Deval Patel Deval's Blog
Roman Korostelev ?? B rkorostelev1 Roman Korostelev rkorostelev rkorostelev Roman's Blog
Justin Wilkin ?? B jswilkin Justin Wilkin xwilkinx xwilkinx Justin's Blog
Bing Pan ?? B bpan2 Bing Pan bpan2 bpan2 Bing's C++ Programming Blog
Euihoon Seol Team L B eseol Euihoon Seol eseol EuihoonSeol Euihoon's Blog
Yunki Lee ?? B ylee80 Yunki Lee yunki bglyk83 OOP344-SENECA
Nakgui Choi Team U B ngchoi Nak Gui Choi ngchoi freeppro freeppro's C++ Programming Blog
Hyunsu Lee ?? B hlee125 Hyunsu Lee hlee125 hlee125 Noname Blog
Ramirez Jose Team D A jmramirez1 Jose Ramirez jmramirez jmramirez C++ and a little More
Obregon Victor ?? C vmobregon Victor Obregon Man91 Man31 Victor's Blog
Valverde Yuri ?? C yavalverdepudov Yuri Valverde YurV25 Yurv25 Yuri's blog
YuZhu Zhao ?? A yzhao90 Yuzhu Zhao yzhao90 yzhao91 OOP344 Blog
Dimple Amin ?? A dkamin Dimple Kaushal Amin dkamin dkamin Dimple's blogs on OOP344
Omkar Parmar Team A A onparmar onparmar onparmar onparmar

C++ OOP Programming

Kunpriya Aggarwal ?? B kaggarwal3 Kunpriya Aggarwal kiara3 kiara93 Kunpriya's Blog for OOP344
Qin Chen ?? A qchen77@myseneca.ca Qin Chen janty001 janty001 Qin Chen
Harshwinder Singh ? C hsingh277 Harshwinder Singh harsh1 harshoop344 Singh's OOP Blog
Andrey Barkov ?? B abarkov Andrey Barkov abarkov AndreyBarkov Andrey's Blog
Zach Howard ?? B zdhoward Zach Howard zdhoward Zach Howard Zach'sBlog
Kirill Chizhikov ?? B kchizhikov1 Kirill Chizhikov rokk2rock rokk2rock Asap C++

JIANFEI LIN SiGui C jlin88 JIANFEI LIN jlin88 jlin88 OOP344
Jeremy Edgell ?? B jpedgell Jeremy Edgell Edgell Edgell Jeremy's Blog
Arshdeep Kaur ?? B akaur109 Arshdeep Kaur sania5 sania5 Arshdeep's Blog

Mohammad aryafar ? A maryafar Mohammad Aryafar m-aryafar mohammad-aryafar Mohammad's Blog
Koghulan Namasivayam ? A knamasivayam1@myseneca.ca Koghulan Namasivayam koghulan_ koghu Koghu's Blog
Thanushaa Thaninayagam ?? A tthaninayagam Thanushaa Thaninayagam tthanushaa tthaninayagam Thanushaa's Blog
Yuchen Song ?? B ysong48 Yuchen Song ysong48 songyuchen88 Yuchen's Blog
Chenming Xu ?? A cxu38 Chenming Xu cxu38 cxu38 Chenming Xu's blog
Yatao Sun YorkBusters A ysun101 Yatao Sun tom10 realsyt Tom's OOP344 Blog
Gabriel Gaglianone ? C ggaglianone Gabriel Gaglianone Amuga Amuga Gabriel's OOP344BLog
Soohyun Ahn ? B sahn6@myseneca.ca Soohyun Ahn ? soohyunahn Soohyun's Blog
Chiyoung Choi ? A cchoi12@myseneca.ca Chiyoung Choi chris-choi chris-choi Chris' Blog
Leonid Krizhanovskiy TN C lkrizhanovskiy1@myseneca.ca WUN lkrizhanovskiy1 lkrizhanovskiy1 Leonid's blog
Wei Hao Lo TN A whlo3 WUN IN weiLo BN
Jan Reyes Ona Jan Ona TN A jrona JanOna ParadoxMeltdown ParadoxMeltdown Jan's Blog
Philip Lau ? A plau7@myseneca.ca Philip Lau PLau PLau7 Phil's Blog
Eric Dallo TN B eadallo Eric Andrew Dallo eadallo eadallo Eric's Blog Hamza Tahir TN A htahir1 Hamza Tahir hamza- hamza-tahir BN

Bernard Casenas TN A bpcasenas Bernard Parungao Casenas Wataa bpcasenas Bernard's Blog